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Who we Support

Our aim is to help people improve and maintain their health and wellbeing through a range of gardening and stimulating outdoor activities.

Lindengate welcomes those who:

  • would like to improve their health and wellbeing.
  • think they may enjoy working with nature.
  • are over 16.

At Lindengate we support people with a very wide range of mental health needs, including depression and dementia, or who feel their wellbeing could be improved. We do this through the medium of Social and Therapeutic Horticulture. We think about wellbeing in its widest sense and recognise the need to look beyond any labels the person may have and focus on the individual.

At Lindengate, Gardeners (our term for service users) work alongside volunteers and staff on their goals in our private and safe 5 acre site. We offer supportive and non-judgemental listening and the opportunity to escape some of the stresses of daily life. Activities vary depending on the season and are guided by our qualified horticulturalist. For variety and for rainy days we have facilities for Craft making and cooking is encouraged when our harvest allows.

We recognise that those who experience mental illness face many barriers in society. We challenge this discrimination and stigma. In our dealings with the wider community, we proudly present the fact that across our existing staff and volunteers we have experience of using mental health services and we believe that this allows us to offer a better quality of service to our Gardeners (service users).

To provide these services in an enjoyable and constructive environment we do have to charge a fee. This is based on either a half-day or full day session.

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I was greeted by Lindengate staff with a warm and friendly welcome – I felt put at ease, listened to and cared about. I relaxed almost instantly.

The vibe you have created is just right and, although I still felt nervous about starting last week, everyone has been so kind. I particularly appreciate the fact that all of you make so much effort to include everyone in conversation – without it seeming like it is an effort. That has put me more at ease and made me feel a part of things from the very beginning.

Thanks again for all you have done for me so far – just wish it had been around a few years ago. Still, you are here now and it is already making a huge difference to my days.


We have noticed such a positive change in him, he looks so forward to Mondays and Tuesdays when he comes to Lindengate – in his own words “ITS LIKE ANOTHER WORLD”

It’s wonderful to see all the plans and hard work going on, with such a variety of things to do and it’s a lovely environment to work in. Alongside caring compassionate staff and volunteers who have the gardeners best interests at heart. To have people who are patient, kind and listen and have someone to talk to in return, and want to bring out the best potential in each individual.

What I like about being here is that it’s so not medical!

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